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Music Lab


It is an innovative method that shows the matter in a gradual, smooth and nice way, by unifying learnings in theory and practice. The first knowledge of music theory are taught in a playful, active and participative form. It takes care in order to check the correct posture of the individual when sitting at the instrument. The association finger number / position of the key is strictly fixed at the beginning; then, gradually, becomes more flexible. There is an immediate orientation on the keyboard by focused practices and exercises. Acquisition in eight / ten weeks of a small pieces' repertoire to perform to friends, relatives, etc. .. Immediate is the reading on the double staff, since the first weeks; two hands songs and exercises increasing in difficulty, with traditional violin and bass clefs. There are also innovative criteria in the layout of the tracks, in the edges, in the note-shaping that make it easy and natural the process of decoding and reading a musical score.