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Brief on the life of the organization and its principal experiences

Play22settembre was founded in September 2000 after a 10 years' experiences in the fields of music education and musical theater for children. Among the many events It promoted and organized, let's emphasize the followings:

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Curriculum vitae Donato Di Pasquale

Born in Teramo in 1962. He studied piano in Teramo, Italy, with Erika VICARI within Istituto Musicale “G. Braga” where he brilliantly graduated in piano. He studied traditional composition with Mauro CARDI; contemporary techniques of composition and ancient techniques of counterpoint with Giancarlo BIZZI; electronic music with Michelangelo LUPONE. He brilliantly graduated in DAMS (Discipline delle Arti, della Musica e dello Spettacolo) at Bologna University. He presented and discussed the degree thesis: Genesi dei Quattordici Canoni BWV 1087 di Johann Sebastian Bach. He got a 110/110 Cum Laude Master's degree in FILOSOFIA E COMUNICAZIONE at L'AQUILA University. He presented and discussed the degree thesis: Il concetto di rumore in Fred Dretske.

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