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Partita immortale - Immortal game (DVD)

Partita Immortale. For an actor, a narrator, trumpet, percussion and electronics A film by Donato DI PASQUALE. Production, PLAY22SETTEMBRE

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Gran Sasso Mass

Donato Di Pasquale - For Mixed Chorus, Soloists and Electronics. A music project designed for four-voice mixed choir (SATB), four soloists (SATB), hardware and software for sound synthesis.

Gran Sasso Mass - For Mixed Chorus, Soloists and Electronics - Donato Di Pasquale

Partita immortale - Immortal game (Soundtrack)

Donato Di Pasquale - Original soundtrack from Immortal Game movie.

Partita Immortale - Immortal Game - Donato Di Pasquale

I tre garzoni - The Three Apprentices

Donato Di Pasquale - The Three Apprentices (I Tre Garzoni). Four pieces composed especially for the fairy tale "The Tree Apprentices" by Brothers Grimm.

I Tre Garzoni - The Three Apprentices - EP - Donato Di Pasquale