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Gran Sasso, Grande Fratello.


There will be the following guests:

Matteo DI SIMONE and Gianluca PALMA, respectively, sound designer and colorist of THIS IS MY LAND. HEBRON;
Paolo PISANELLI, director of JU TARRAMUTU;
Cristiano DONZELLI, director of UNA STORIA DI LUPI;
Gianni TARLI, production designer PARTITA IMMORTALE;
Flavio SCIOLÈ, The Unknown Soldier in PARTITA IMMORTALE; acted in and directed the short ANTI WAR.

Since we have met several colleagues and friends who still remembered the old building, we note that since 2004, the Library is located in via Dèlfico 16.

We give two references on the web:

and the coordinates for those who use Google Maps or navigation systems



Gran Sasso, Grande Fratello. An overview of documentary films and independent cinema. Introduces Dimitri BOSI.
Come and meet us at the "M. Dèlfico" Library in Teramo on 11, 12 and 13 February 2013.


This exhibition has as its object the following tags: "Abruzzo" "mountain" "earthquake," "war" "occupation", "fairy tale" "legend" "chess" "documentary" "fiction cinema" "independent film" "civil rights" "human rights" "excessive power of the media" "rule of law" "exploitation." The overview chooses from among the countless possibilities, a series of six films. There are two works of fiction and four documentaries. The selected works have in common as the topics listed above. The works of fiction are more closer than you can imagine to the documentaries. Especially for elements of realism, sometimes very direct. At the same time we can say that documentaries use languages and styles so personal that can rightly be defined cinematographic works as well. There are, especially, the masterful use of sound, music and editing to create works with a high degree of aesthetics. The latter are recent and very recent works which, in our opinion, had the merit to have clearly the finger on the pulse of the situation in Italy and in the world, for what regards the covered topics.

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