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Partita immortale - Immortal game (DVD)

Visual partita immortale

Partita Immortale. For an actor, a narrator, trumpet, percussion and electronics A film by Donato DI PASQUALE. Production, PLAY22SETTEMBRE

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Immortal Game is an attempt to manage psychological issues too much bigger than us, such as, war, death, the death instinct, destruction, self-destruction, mourning, and tries to make it through the game of chess, just a play, with its characters, avatars, placeholder, pawns, puppets.

I wondered if I had the chance to tell, in a form more or less tolerable for me, two tragedies of recent years that I was most impressed, first by human beings, second by nature: the Balkan war and the earthquake in L'Aquila and Abruzzo. That is, the idea was to find not only the words to do it, but find a compatible form with my grief and my mourning.

It came out of a tangle of references to forms highly stylized and recognizable. This effort has in turn generated a form - I do not know yet how consistent and self-sufficient! Immortal Game is an attempt to give voice to my idea of good and evil, where there is finally a ransom for the righteous and honest; where a minority battered states with an unshakeable sense of belonging or loyalty and honesty, which is exactly what we hope to Italy and Italians of today, 150 years after the unification, at this particularly dramatic juncture, characterized by a worrying political and economic instability. This is, from my point of view, Immortal Game. (Donato DI PASQUALE)

“Chess is the most violent sport.”
- Garry Kasparov -

"Chess is ruthless: you've got to be prepared to kill people."
- Nigel Short -

"Chess is as elaborate a waste of human intelligence as you can find outside an advertising agency."
- Raymond Chandler -

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