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Il Dottor Satutto - Doctor Knowall

visual Il dottor satutto

“There was once upon a time a poor peasant called Crabb, who drove with two oxen a load of wood to the town, and sold it to a doctor for two talers.”

So begins one of the finest tales by Brothers Grimm. The man, master of himself, who takes chances and self-determining, more times will be blessed by fortune. The meeting with the doctor is illuminating: food, elegant clothing, beautiful home, haughtiness, all that seduces him deeply, he measures himself on that meter. He can, by any stretch of the imagination, to see and enter a new dimension; he feels he can get it, and decides to turn his life. But he does not start by himself, as was done in the yoke of hard work inherited from his father and grandfather. Now, wearing new clothes, in the most delicate moment, when he enters the game for the first time, he brings his spouse, a true prototype of conjugal love. She's just there and does nothing, pure presence, supreme icon, pours out positive vibrations that feed her husband and guests, and trigger a clockwork mechanism, with an ending more and more excited that leaves no way to evil and his followers.

We have chosen this story because of these symbols so clear and sunny. There is the redemption of man from its wretched condition, but there is no hatred, no violence, no apparent effort, no tension of will. It all flows smoothly, like a spring of water. And the supreme power of good to win everything.

Text and music by di Donato DI PASQUALE.
For narrator, basso buffo, three actors and four instruments.


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