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Danza per un goal - Dance for a goal

Federica and Mattia live in the same building. They have a common enemy: the mirror. Matthew is 15 years old, attending his second year of art school and his passion is (always has been) soccer.
Federica is 14 years old and, attending the high school dance, ideal place to develop his skills as a newcomer in dance.

Although it was only a little rugged, Matt does not love his body and therefore spends a lot of time in front of the mirror, looking at his body of teen ager and comparing it to his idol's terrific ones, whose even has a poster in his room. Federica believes that a perfect body is needed for dancing, and believes that his legs as his belly are not suited to the career he wants to take. For some weeks she only eats snacks and her diet is limited to lunch with an apple or at most a couple of biscuits.

Mattia and Federica slim visibly. In fact, they do not intend to stop the diet that led Mattia to weigh about 42 Kg and Federica 38. The consequences, however, do not wait...

Purpose and aim of the work

Let the student get started to the knowledge and use of specific languages (cinema, music). Let it solicit and encourage the students to the creative use of new technologies, to acquire basic skills for a conscious use of these technologies.

As for the MUSIC, either for SOUND and AUDIO in general, the students will understand what is the correct meaning of the term "soundtrack" analyze and learn which are the various FUNCTIONS of a musical score in a film, what MUSIC IN AND MUSIC OFF mean what CONVERGENT and DIVERGENT mean; They learn the concepts of SOUND, SOUND EFFECTS, SYNC, etc. .. As for the TEXT students will learn the concepts behind such words as SUBJECT TREATMENT, SCREENPLAY, DUBBING, VOICE-OVERS, NARRATOR, STORYBOARD, etc.

The purpose of the whole work relates mainly to the ways to enjoy a film from the point of view of technical / technological and in terms of critical / aesthetic as well, helping to refine taste and judgment ability, through an analytical inquiry and the making of a short film.

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