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L'ombrello - The umbrella

Giorgia and Arturo have been married for a few years. Arturo is a social climber. It is now clear that married Giorgia only for her money.

He makes no mystery. On the contrary, every day he remembers that to her. Georgia is on the endurance's edge. An idea begins to appear in her mind. A... perfect idea!

Purpose and aim of the work

Let the student get started to the knowledge and use of specific languages (cinema, music). Let it solicit and encourage the students to the creative use of new technologies, to acquire basic skills for a conscious use of these technologies.

As for the MUSIC, either for SOUND and AUDIO in general, the students will understand what is the correct meaning of the term "soundtrack" analyze and learn which are the various FUNCTIONS of a musical score in a film, what MUSIC IN AND MUSIC OFF mean what CONVERGENT and DIVERGENT mean; They learn the concepts of SOUND, SOUND EFFECTS, SYNC, etc. .. As for the TEXT students will learn the concepts behind such words as SUBJECT TREATMENT, SCREENPLAY, DUBBING, VOICE-OVERS, NARRATOR, STORYBOARD, etc.

The purpose of the whole work relates mainly to the ways to enjoy a film from the point of view of technical / technological and in terms of critical / aesthetic as well, helping to refine taste and judgment ability, through an analytical inquiry and the making of a short film.

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