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Revenge On The Ring

Leonardo and Ludovica are walking quietly in the small county village. Once in a small country lane, They are suddenly attacked with a devastating fury by Marco and his friend.

The latter holds Ludovica while the former brutally beats Leonardo, threatening to give him even more if he does not leave the girl alone. Marco also challenges Leonardo on "TROLLEX", a new social network, to a clandestine boxing match.
The next day, Leonardo accidentally meets his Gym Teacher. After a moment of hesitation Leonardo decides to open up to the teacher: he tells him what happened, confesses that he accepted the challenge and asks if he will help him in the enterprise. Prof. will accept only on condition that the match should take place on an authentic ring, with the official Olympic boxing rules, judges, referees, etc.. Thus Leonardo starts with hard and intense workouts, that will lead him to the day of the match, when only one of the two will win: the best!


"Revenge On The Ring" is a short film made by PLAY22SETTEMBRE at the State School of Colonnella of the Comprehensive Institute Corropoli - Colonnella – Controguerra (TE), within the project "Cinema. Multimedia and multidisciplinary Labs". This project is proposed, through the creation of a short film, to help children to develop thoughts on the issues of citizenship and legality. Easy access to a currently global problems level, of interdependencies, of cultures, of fanaticism, of particularism, of organized crime, of potential disasters not only environmental; it requires a considerable effort of knowledge, understanding, critical engagement, and also weight bearing of a partnership that appears problematic, from the local to the global level. The school may develop a sense of citizenship and awareness of the values that guide our society, acting on three parallel planes:

  1. The first is the level of knowledge, which remains the essential first level, both in terms of instrumental use, and sharing of global significance;
  2. the second is the sociability experienced within the school, in relationships with teachers and peers;
  3. the third is: curricular projects and experiences specifically targeted to the legality

The activities planned in the project will lead pupils to experience active citizenship's paths in order to achieve the necessary competence to get conscious and stable citizenship's practices at any level: domestic, European and global.

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